How to Stop Mastiff Biting

Does your Mastiff bite?  This behavior should not be tolerated as that bite could one day really hurt someone.  So read on for some tips on how to stop your Mastiff biting.

Stopping Mastiff biting at the puppy stageHow to Stop Mastiff Biting!

If you allow your Mastiff to playfully bite at the puppy stage then it is likely they will continue to bite as they get older.  Therefore the best time to start controlling your Mastiffs biting is when they are still in the puppy stage.  Below are a number of ways in which you can do this:

  • Your Mastiff puppy needs a clear alpha leader (leader of your family or pack).  If they do not have one then your Mastiff puppy may try and become the alpha leader instead.  One way your Mastiff puppy may try to do this is by biting.  So to prevent this biting from occurring, it’s important that you become the alpha leader as soon as possible.  Once you do this then your Mastiff puppy will be more likely to behave and less likely to bite.
  • It’s very important to be consistent with your ‘no biting’ rule.  If you are inconsistent then your Mastiff puppy will only get confused and they will not learn that biting is not okay.  So do not let your Mastiff puppy playfully bite one day and then tell them off the next – instead remain consistent and stick to your no biting rule at all times.
  • All puppies, including Mastiffs like to chew or bite as it helps relive teething pain.  Therefore it is important to make sure your Mastiff puppy has plenty of special chew toys on hand that they are allowed to bite.  If you don’t do this then you may find them coming after your fingers and toes.  If your Mastiff puppy does try to bite you then quickly say “no” and give them one of their own special chew toys to bite instead.  Overtime your Mastiff puppy should stop trying to bite you and they should only go after their own specific chew toys.

Stopping Mastiff biting at adulthood

If your Mastiff continues to bite as they become adults then this is very serious as they could really end up hurting someone.  Due to this it is vital that you get their biting under control as soon a possible.  The following information will help you achieve this:

  • Has your Mastiff only recently started biting?  Is it completely out of character for them?  If you answered “yes” then there may be another cause such as an underlying illness or injury that is make your Mastiff bite.  If you feel this may be the cause of the biting then book an appointment with your local vet.  They will be able to give your Mastiff a full look over to make sure everything is in order.
  • Anxiety could also be another cause of your Mastiff’s biting.  The best way to overcome this problem is by figuring out the cause behind the anxiety.  Once you know the cause you can then take steps to control the anxiety, which in turn will help stop your Mastiff biting.
  • If you are unable to control your Mastiff biting then it may be time to hire a professional dog trainer.  They would be able to come to your home and would help you get the situation under control.

Mastiff biting should not be tolerated at any age.  So don’t delay – take the above tips, put them into practice and stop your Mastiff biting today.

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